Would you like a dedicated padlock structure instead?

Remember tourists bring padlocks – and often in very large numbers!

Are you in charge of, or do you look after, a public or private structure, such as a bridge, railings, sculpture, historic monument etc, that is already being used to attach love lock padlocks to, causing love lock issues?

If so, we can supply you with an alternative, dedicated structure to hang these padlocks on (in very large numbers), and move focus away from existing structures currently being used.

Our Love Lock Trees are evergreen tree shaped, steel structures, to safely hang thousands of love lock padlocks on, so tourists/couples/families can still come and place their padlocks at your location, without damaging the very thing that makes your location special, so it/they will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Trees are accessible by all, work alone or in multiples, can be permanently sited or moveable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and most importantly, can accommodate thousands of padlocks.

We can help you with your love lock issues…

Compact trees hold around 10,000 padlocks safely.

Large trees hold around 25,000 padlocks safely.