Love Lock Trees…

First and foremost are works of art in their own right, in fact, they have been called interactive sculptures!

Love Lock Trees are steel structures, in the shape of an evergreen tree, designed to safely hold thousands of love lock padlocks, memorials or tributes.

  • Compact size – holding around 10,000 padlocks.
  • Large size – holding around 25,000 padlocks.
  • Designed for an outdoor environment, though the compact tree would happily sit indoors too!
  • Available in most colours – even multi coloured!
  • Can be exported all around the globe, and installed within a few days.
  • Customisable features; finials, plaques, colours, display panels etc.

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Compact – Love Lock Tree Large – Love Lock Tree


Do you need OR do you want a Love Lock Tree?


You’ve heard or seen the growing trend of hanging love lock padlocks and the tourism opportunities they bring with them.

Love Lock Trees are perfect for…

Country and National Parks
Nature Reserves
Seaside Resorts
Stately Homes/Country Estates
Tourist Attractions

Really ANYWHERE where you want more footfall.

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Do you already have love lock padlocks attached to your bridges, railings, structures etc?

The Love Lock Tree is here to help…

Charities and Trusts
Land Owners
Local Authorities
Tourist Attractions

Have a dedicated love lock structure instead, move focus away from your structures, keep the love locks coming, and the tourists that bring them.

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Are you looking for a modern and attractive way to engage with students, clients, supporters or the general public, if so, Love Lock Trees can help…

Are you a…

Animal Sanctuary/Rescue
Charity/Support Group
Pride Event
Memorial Location
Sports Ground
plus many many more

Trees can even generate an income or fundraise.

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Why purchase a Love Lock structure from us?

Because it will save you…

TIME – Why would you consider spending your precious time, and all that effort, to design and test a love lock structure, when we have the perfect solution that you can order, and will be delivered to your location within a few weeks, ready to install and use straight away!

STRESS – We went and are still going through this, it’s taken over 18 months of designing, testing, problem solving, changes and tweaks, to come up with the final Love Lock Tree structures, that are; safe and strong, hold thousands of locks, look good and will remain looking good, work in most environments, can be customised without damaging its integrity and of course will last. We worked out all the problems, so you don’t have too.

MONEY Your time, prototypes, testing etc, all costs money. Simply order a tree, pay for a structure, not all the associated development!

Throughout history and across cultures, people have wanted to leave their mark. Love locks are today’s way of doing that. The ‘Love Lock Tree’ provides an alternative ‘canvas’ to shift people’s ritual attention from current structures of interest and value, whilst still encouraging the practice - but in a safe, sustainable, and attractive way.

Dr Ceri Houlbrook, Folklore Researcher, University of Hertfordshire