I need a Love Lock Tree – right now!

YES… I would like a new way to attract people to our location

Love lock padlocks are everywhere, you may have seen them and thought no more about them, but they are a world wide phenomenon, just look at the Weir Bridge (Bakewell – Derbyshire), Royal Albert Docks (Liverpool),  Pont des Arts (Paris – France), Hohenzollern Bridge (Cologne – Germany), N Seoul Tower (Seoul – South Korea) to name just a few of the hundreds of locations.

If you would like a reason for visitors or tourists to come and visit your location, Stately Home, Animal Sanctuary, Nature Reserve etc, then here is a brand new way to do so. Provide the public with a dedicated love lock sculpture, to come and hang their padlocks on, you could even sell your own bespoke padlocks!

OR are you a Tourism Consultancy, Regeneration Agency or a Council Planner, looking for a brand new and innovative way to create a sustainable tourist destination/attraction, by introducing an interactive sculpture into an urban, rural or coastal environment, if so contact us to discuss how we can help.

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YES… I already have love lock padlocks on my structures

Are you a Local Authority, Council, Land Owner, Charity or Trust who has love lock padlocks on your bridges, railings, statues, fencing, gate posts etc, – would you like help controlling them, and using them as an opportunity to attract more tourists?

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YES… I want a fun way to engage with our students, staff or the general public

Calling all Schools, Colleges, Universities, Charities, Event Planners and businesses…

Here is a way to let students leave a legacy of their time at your place of learning, bosses to encourage and motivate staff, businesses to connect with their customers, or even fundraise, Love Lock Trees have many uses…

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YES… I’m after a new way to generate an income and/or fundraise

Are you an business, organisation or charity looking for a NEW way to fundraise or generate an income stream, Love Lock Trees can help!

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