What is a Forever Tree?

Identical to our Love Lock Tree size, design and look, but on these trees we hang ‘leaves’ not padlocks.

Over the last decade more and more people are wishing to leave a permanent gesture to remember a lost loved one, or commemorate past events or occasions. Forever Trees offer the ability and opportunity to hang and display a memorial, tribute, message of remembrance or hope and inspiration, by the way of hanging ‘leaves’ onto a Forever Tree.

The compact tree holds between 500 and 4,500 of our standard round leaves (depending upon your requirements), whilst the large tree holds up to 12,500, with each leaf in their own individual hanging space, creating a safe, attractive and respectful display/sculpture, which will last for many, many years.

Just like our Love Lock Trees, Forever Trees are designed to be located indoors or outdoors, and comfortably fit into most environments, they take up a relatively small footprint and can work alone or in groups, if more hanging space is required. Available in most colours, and with customisable features and elelments, each tree’s owner can create their own bespoke Forever Tree for their individual purpose and setting.

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BUT unlike our Love Lock Trees which generally go into public environments for anyone to use, Forever Trees are generally located in private settings such as…

  • Animal Adoption/Rescue Centres
  • Animal Sanctuaries
  • Arboretums
  • A Site of Significance
  • Bereavement Organisations
  • Charities
  • Church Grounds
  • Crematoriums
  • Gardens of Remembrance
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Memorial Locations
  • Military Remembrance Locations
  • Pet Crematoriums
  • Race Courses
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Sports Grounds
  • Wedding Venues

…and when used in conjunction with our leaves (which creates the memorial, tribute or message), these trees can generate large profits for the tree’s owner, or raise money for good causes.

The use of our leaves is not compulsory, tree owner’s can purchase or make their own leaves, should they wish.

Our special leaves…

A beautiful way to leave a special message, tribute or memorial…

To complement our Forever Trees, we can supply ‘leaves’. When required we work with each tree’s owner to design their own bespoke leaf/leaves which are unique to you, specially designed to fit/hang on our trees.

Each leaf is individually made to order, and once ready is permanently attached to a display panel on a tree. The Compact tree has 16 individual display panels, the Large tree has 12 individual display panels.

We have designed and developed our standard leaves to be round. As leaves are to be hung at a height where they are meant to be touched, held and loved, the round shape with beveled edges does not pose a safety issue, or have any sharp edges.

These round leaves are made of a mineral based material, (available in a range of colours/effects), shaped into a round 55mm diameter disc. This material is; fade, rust and fire resistant, very long lasting, alluring and tactile, it will even warm up in your hands.


These leaves are/can be engraved both sides and colour infilled (in more than one colour if required).

Leaves are…

  • Made of a mineral based material, available in a range of colours and effects.
  • Specially designed to hang onto our trees, each in their own individual display hole.
  • Made for an outdoor environment, though can be used indoors too.
  • Colour infilled, including silver and gold, by hand.
  • Available with an option to include a hard wearing ceramic photo.
  • Available with an option to have a small amount of ashes, hair or a small artefact permanently encased inside.
  • Easy to order, delivered to the tree owner, or the customer.
  • Carefully wrapped in tissue paper and displayed in a presentation box, (all recyclable).
  • Secure fixing – (other options available).
  • Lovingly made by hand, in the UK.
  • Bespoke and standard designs are available i.e. our teddy bear design.


Tree leaves can only be sold by, or on behalf of each tree’s owner, and can be used by the tree’s owner to generate an income, or raise money for a chosen charity or good cause.

For more information on our leaves please visit www.forevertrees.co.uk/leaves or contact us to find out more.

Leaf samples…

Demonstration trees

If you would like to see our demonstration Forever Trees, please call or email to make an appointment to visit. Our demonstration trees are located in a Derbyshire village, (not our business registered address).