Caroline Massingham



We’ve been asked a couple of times if we have a model of our tree, to put into exhibitions or just to demonstrate, and while we do have a part wood, part metal, 10th scale model, we have always wanted to have a fabulous 3D printed one (who wouldn’t). It would be much lighter for me to carry around, look professional, and be a more accurate representation of our large size Love Lock Tree.

It all started at the back end of last year. I had a chance meeting with an ERDF researcher from Derby University at a networking event in Derby, where I was asked if we had a model of our tree, to which I said no. This led to an initial meeting in December 2018 with the Business Engagement Manager at the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering from Derby University, where we were introduced to the ERDF programme, which C’ Creative Ltd qualified for, and could take part in, enabling us to have a 3D CAD model and 3D printed scale model of our tree.

After all the forms had been filled in (very easy process) and a tour of the facility, the first part was to produce the 3D CAD model, under the  ‘Time to Innovate’ project which is part of the Enabling Innovation programme, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and then the second part the 3D printed scale model, to be produced under ‘Low Carbon’.

Fast forward to now, March 2019, and we have just completed the 3D CAD model of our large size Tree – which looks fantastic, (rendered images shown). So now it’s time to move onto the 3D printed model. Today we’ve picked colours, surface finishes, and now the next step is to print sample elements/parts of the tree… let the printing begin!

3D CAD model

CAD model produced by Enabling Innovation funding