Types of Tree

provide a special tourist attraction

The 'Original' Love Lock Tree...

...was designed to help Councils/Authorites/Companies move attention away from their current structures i.e. bridges, which are being damaged by the ritual of hanging a love lock, protecting these structures to make sure they are around for many, many more years for future generations to enjoy, whilst providing a facility and a special attraction for tourists to visit, and continue to hang their love lock padlocks.

We then went on to develop the concept further with the introduction of 'Celebration' and 'Memory' Love Lock Trees...
All trees are identical and cost the same, they just sit in different locations and serve different purposes.

celebrate an occasion with a love lock padlocks

Celebration Love Lock Tree

A tree which is used to celebrate occasions and events, or just to make a memory of a lovely day out!

Located in the grounds of...

• Wedding Venues

• Sports Grounds

• Stately Homes

• Corporate Companies

• Schools, Colleges, Universities

• Tourist Attractions

• Parks and Woodlands

• etc, etc

memorial memory love lock tree to remember a loved one

Memory Love Lock Tree

A tree which is used to remember past events and loved ones, or record messages of hope and inspiration.

Located in the grounds of...

• Arboretums

• Hospices

• Hospitals

• Crematoriums

• Memorial Locations

• A place of significance

• Pet Crematoriums

• etc, etc

But what makes a Love Lock Tree really special is ... the ability to fundraise!

Generally a Celebration/Memory Love Lock Tree is located  in a private setting and can be used to generate revenue for the owner, or fundraise for charities or  a good cause.