The Love Lock Tree

the love lock tree couples locking in their love

The Love Lock Tree... filled with love locks

“The Love Lock Tree, is a permanent, universal tree shaped structure, for the purpose of hanging 'love locks' padlocks on.”

Love Lock Trees were developed in response to the growing trend of hanging padlocks, which in turn causes severe damage to bridges, railings etc, resulting in the removal of the padlocks, thus causing heartache for everyone concerned. Love Lock Trees provide a safe and permanent home for love lock padlocks. 

Common questions

Made of

The tree is manufactured out of two types of steel - stainless and mild steel, mild steel surfaces are galvanised, reducing the possibility of rusting.


The tree can come in most colours, but the standard colour is tree/leaf green.


Supplied in modular form, and installed by yourself or by our dedicated team, if you wish.


Depending upon the size of padlock hung, at two padlocks per hanging hole, the tree can hold up to 26,000 padlocks/3 tonnes - tested up to six tonnes.


Accessible by all, including mobility devices, pushchairs, the young and the old!


5 metres tall by 3.6 metres wide.

Ground depth penetration 350mm.

The MOST common question...

Can a Love Lock Tree ONLY be used for the hanging of padlocks - NO!

A whole range of bespoke 'leaves' are available to suit individuals requirements, and are especially attractive for fundraising!