Coming soon… A medium size tree

Due to numerous requests – we are introducing a tree to hold around 9,000 padlocks.

While we are waiting for testing and photos, here’s a few facts and figures…

  • Constructed out of steel, just like our large trees.
  • Evergreen tree shape.
  • Made to last and always look it’s best, by using our slide on colour cladding system.
  • Available in most colours.
  • Around 8-9 feet / 2-3 meters tall.
  • Around 6-7 feet / 1.5-2.5 meters wide.
  • Supplied as self assembly, easy to erect.
  • Can hold around 9,000 padlocks, safely! (Large trees hold around 25,000).
  • Can be used in both an indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Can be moved around to different locations if required – portable, subject to base choice.
  • Different base options.
  • Customisable features.
  • Can be scaled up or down in size, depending upon your capacity requirements.