The ‘large’ size Love Lock Tree…

A tree to hold around 25,000 padlocks.

This is our large size Love Lock Tree, holding around 25,000 padlocks/three tonnes (safely tested to hold six tonnes). You can walk all the way around it and go inside, with the opportunity to hang padlocks both inside and outside, (there are inner and outer display panels), up high at the top, in the middle or down low near the bottom, on anyone of the 12 display panels.

The tree can be located in a variety of urban, rural or coastal locations, has customisable features/elements and is available in any colour. For the full technical specification click here.

Key points…

  • Constructed out of steel, galvanised and stainless.
  • Evergreen tree shape.
  • Available in all colours.
  • Height – 5 metres/16.40 feet.
  • Width – 3.6 metres/11.81 feet.
  • Accessible by all.
  • Easy to erect, by yourself or our installation team.
  • Holds around 25,000 padlock, safely!
  • Small footprint and minimal ground penetration (350mm).
  • Customisable features; finial, colour, etc.
  • Easy to export all over the world.
  • Stands alone or in groups ‘a forest’.

Whether you have a love locks already on your bridges, want to attract more tourists, or have a brand new way to celebrate an event or occasion… Love Lock Trees can help!


Stately Homes/Country Estates
Country/National Parks
Coastal Resorts/Nature Reserves
Tourist Attractions

People hang love lock padlocks, attract them to your location, with your own dedicated love lock structure.

You could even have and sell your own bespoke padlocks!


Local Authorities
Land Owners
Charities and Trusts
Tourist Attractions

Are your bridges, railings, statues already covered in love lock padlocks, install a tree and focus the public’s attention towards a tree, allow and encourage love lock padlocks and the tourist they bring with them, but in a safe and now controlled manner.


Pride Parades
Animal Sanctuaries
Sports Grounds

A fun and attractive way to engage with your students/visitors/staff OR even fundraise at your event/location, by encouraging people to participate and leave a special message/love lock padlock on your Love Lock Tree.

Demonstration trees

If you would like to see our demonstration large Love Lock Tree, please call or email to make an appointment to visit. Our demonstration tree is located in a Derbyshire village, (not our business registered address).